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Purdue - ON CAMPUS ONLY BMS 201/202/231 Veterinary Anatomy for the Veterinary Nurse

About this course:
Learning anatomy is a similar nuance to learning a new language. The difference is that with language translation, you are usually familiar with an image or topic and can use descriptive words or pictures to learn a new term. For example, when you see the Spanish word gato labeling a cat picture, you can easily translate the English word cat to gato. Both oral languages and anatomy require building on basics to become fluent. With anatomy, the challenge is to learn the name and function of structures you have never seen. Students can find this frustrating and time consuming as they build their base knowledge.

Once an anatomy student eventually builds their vocabulary and familiarizes themselves with the basic structures, they have to use spatial awareness to visualize these structures inside the body. This secondary type of knowledge is challenging for first-time anatomy students yet critical for interpreting radiographs and CT scans, performing surgeries and palpations, and understanding complex anatomical relationships.

The Active Lesson platform facilitates the entire anatomical journey from the initial acquisition of anatomical terminology and transferring that foundational understanding and basal knowledge into clinically related areas. Students get comfortable with active retrieval and colorful, contrasting interactive images that help them understand the critical anatomical relationships and build mental images to make educated interpretations at higher levels. 3D rotational images, radiographs, cat scans, and MRIs are strategically introduced to demonstrate and reinforce the necessary practical anatomical comprehension. In essence, Active Lesson is a slightly different approach to learning anatomy that compliments other outstanding anatomy texts and resources and acts as an anatomy compilation rather than a textbook.

Like any new material, anatomy is hard work and takes time to learn. But student feedback says that once they get over the hump, anatomy is also relatable and fun! Active Lesson provides a complete picture of canine anatomy and encourages one to find relatable similarities to your own body whenever possible. This in-depth platform promotes a thorough understanding of anatomy, thus acting as a launchpad into the more specialized aspects of canine and other animal structure and function.

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